Waterbeheer en bescherming in de Haringvliet

Posted By Irene Jacobs

Erik Ruijgh van Deltares vertelt vanavond over waterbeheer en bescherming in het Haringvliet.

Van de website van Deltares: “Erik Ruijgh is an expert in integrated water management and senior project manager on hydraulic infrastructures. He started his career in 1988 at Delft Hydraulics in modeling nutrient emissions from agricultural fields in the Netherlands. He later developed, during a series of projects in Central and Eastern Europe, as well as China SE Asia and Egypt, a generic tool to model waste load emissions to surface water. The tool is now implemented as Emission Module in the Deltares Software products Sobek and Delft3D.

Since 2015 Erik Ruijgh joined the Deltares team for hydraulic structures. He is an expert and senior project manager for a number of national and international projects focusing on locks, weirs and storm surge barriers. He recently was involved in project on the New Panama Locks. Mr. Ruijgh is also managing the Deltares knowledge impulse program on Replacement of Hydraulic Infrastructure.

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